Episode 23: Sex With Robots

Julia, a German girl in Los Angeles, discusses sex with robots with Adam and Erica. Also, having sex with the Eiffel Tower, cookie butter ejaculations, and why Hitler is better than porn for women.


Episode 22: Genital Flavors and Decorations

Adam’s out sick, so Lionel hosts Erica and Moves this week as the Grandma’s Email Address crew addresses genital flavors and decorations.


Episode 21: The Joy of Cooking with Cum (and Pulled Pork Pussy)

This week Adam, Erica, Movez, and Richard talk all about the joy of cooking with cum. You’ll learn everything you need to know and more, plus get a free bonus lesson about vagina textures.


Episode 20: I Washed My Penis With Summer's Eve

Adam, Erica, and Darren “Moves” Turtledove talk about fetishes, penis washing, and their dreams of becoming furniture.


Episode 19: An HIV Robot for Your Birthday

Adam and Erica celebrate their Un-Christmas with some Jews, Maya, Tomer, and Levi, to explore the realities of HIV robots, basting your vagina, and a fresh set of Christmas teeth.

Episode 18: The Miracle Birth of Hitler Bear

Erica and Adam discuss the miracle of birth, get a visit from Beckette the retarded scientist, and hear back from a suddenly foul-mouthed Siri who has many opinions of her own.

Episode 17: Bad, Bad Advice

Erica gets a Facebook fan page for her fan. Adam relays several pressing questions from the Grandchildren. Actor Harry Sakata* drops by to help answer them and tap the microphone repeatedly.

Episode 16: A Blender Full of Pesto Penis

Whoretney drops by to rap about sluts. Erica dates a gay porn star and it ends with a disgusting protein shake–and not the kind you’re thinking of. Adam explains why cat sex is rape…again.

Episode 15: Green Poop Is a Dealbreaker

We decided to find out what happens when you bring an intellectual onto Grandma’s Email Address. The results? Well, listen and find out.

Episode 14: The Seven-Legged Hermaphrodite Lamb

Can animals be hermaphrodites and/or transexuals? Can two crazy people fine love in a psychiatric ward? Can a gay man get a strawberry-kiwi sucker even though his HIV test was negative? We’re about to find out.

Episode 13: The Hunt for Barbie's Vagina

The hunt is on! Erica and Adam search the world over for Barbie’s vagina and find it’s buried in one of the nation’s greatest landmarks. Also, quadrisexuals, cars for whores, and crotch cleaning services.

Episode 12: There's Only One Way to Pound Town

This week Adam and Erica are joined by “Powerhouse” who is excited to make several trips to pound town, whether it’s with a tranny, a cougar, or even someone with HIV. We also have a few things to say…or rap…about a recent ant infestation.

Episode 11: Abbey and Katie 4EVER!

We’re obsessed. Obsessed with taco trucks, the Domino’s Pizza Tracker, and–more than anything–the specifics of life as a conjoined twin. Is masturbating incest? How does dating work? Why do they need two driver’s license? Can we actually remember their real names? (No.)

Episode 10: Sarah Palin Will Lube Your Moose

Adam and Erica are joined by their friend Jessica to learn about Sarah Palin’s favorite uses for oil, a dog that eats itself, lesbian plants, and butthole tattoos. Together, we’ll even apply for an apartment with a guy who wants us to pretend to date him.

Episode 9: Your Heart Will Go Off

How do you talk about transgender people? What would a restaurant be like if it were in your ass? What does the opposite of My Heart Will Go On sound like? We’ve got the answers to these pressing questions (and more!) this week.

Episode 8: Paddle Ballers

Along with Darren (a.k.a. “Moves”), Erica and Adam find out how offensive we can really be. Also, we invent a new sex act called “paddle balling.” (We’re really sorry about the horrible things we say in this episode.)

Episode 7: Young SFVfeminist Peoples

On this week’s episode, we create a new “zine” about feminists from the San Fernando Valley. Additionally, we meet a guy who wants someone to sit on his face and watch Little Miss Sunshine.

Episode 6: Zombies Without Borders

Erica’s missing from this week’s episode, so Adam talked to Becca Schall and Matt Wassung. Together they won the war on eating laundry detergent packets, wondered about dying in a manure pit, and discussed the misunderstood altruism of the zombie race.

Episode 5: No Areolas Please

This week we have an intimate conversation about the pros and cons of adult baby powder, penis-eating viruses, and why hanging your bra on a lampshade should be punishable by death.

Episode 4: Yo' Nine Year Old Bitch Is Bootylicious

Adam talks with Whitson and Josh about poop, pubes, and booties. You really shouldn’t listen to this one.