Episode 4: Yo' Nine Year Old Bitch Is Bootylicious

Adam talks with Whitson and Josh about poop, pubes, and booties. You really shouldn’t listen to this one.

Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Giving thanks for not being pooped on.
  • What does bootylicious mean to you?
  • Are Tempurpedic mattresses bad for sex?
  • If you can’t grow a beard, just mail order some pubes.
  • What are your anti-boner thoughts?
  • What movie do you love that everyone else hates?
  • Why romance movies are
  • Apple introduces the iTurd.
  • Josh sings.

You can download the episode or listen to it right here in the post:

We also have a little bonus this week called “Why I Shat On Tom Cruise,” which you might be wondering after listening to the actual episode. You can download it here or just play it in the post:

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