Episode 5: No Areolas Please

This week we have an intimate conversation about the pros and cons of adult baby powder, penis-eating viruses, and why hanging your bra on a lampshade should be punishable by death.

Here’s what you’re in for:

  • The Revenge Season Finale, the USB Whale Cam, and the world’s largest bag of cocaine
  • The secret to getting rid of a boner: we found the answer!
  • Will baby powder for adults will cure your sweaty problems? We don’t think so.
  • A flesh-easting virus consumes a man’s surgically enhanced penis. And then he gets deported. We solve his problem. We also solve this problem for his gay twin.
  • Nuns versus strippers, and butt nipples. Also, how pumpkin bread can turn you into a Catholic.
  • When you put a wet bra on a lampshade, don’t expect your fiancee to not kill you. Come on, women!
  • How much lotion is too much lotion?

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