Episode 6: Zombies Without Borders

Erica’s missing from this week’s episode, so Adam talked to Becca Schall and Matt Wassung. Together they won the war on eating laundry detergent packets, wondered about dying in a manure pit, and discussed the misunderstood altruism of the zombie race. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • A solution for all the extremists and an idea for a great new board game.
  • The last place you’d want to die? A manure pit, kitty litter, or a bar toilet. Also a plug for the great film Death Toilet.
  • The worst thing you could ever have to do with your poop.
  • The rapist rapist: the worst superhero ever. Becca decides she’d rather be Super Mom, whose secret hideout is a gas station and superpower is the ability to fix every problem while choosing not to in order to teach people a lesson in responsibility.
  • Seaside Abe and Senator Wolfers Barkington get movie deals with Disney. Also, are dog orgies more plausible than religion?
  • Gabe’s two years with a dog goiter.
  • Adam comes out as a dead person and proves that zombies can not only Skype but are currently combatting the AIDS epidemic.
  • Why women should stop complaining and just have sex with the UPS guy. But not smurfs.
  • Consuming laundry detergent packets: the new, responsible bulimia.

It’s a long one with so many important issues! You can download the episode or listen to it right here in the post:

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Photo by Nivaldo Arruda.