Episode 8: Paddle Ballers

Along with Darren (a.k.a. “Moves”), Erica and Adam find out how offensive we can really be. Also, we invent a new sex act called “paddle balling.” (We’re really sorry about the horrible things we say in this episode.) Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Erica wants a baby.
  • Is it a hate crime if two lesbians murder another lesbian?
  • Would you rather go down on Grandpa or have Grandma go down on you?
  • Sharks eating fat women eating Jews.
  • A new sex act called paddle ball.
  • Deciphering would you rather questions from photographs.
  • Sandpaper hands or no genitals?
  • More paddle balling, and then outlawing paddle balling.

Our sincere apologies for the highly inappropriate comments made throughout this episode.

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