Episode 9: Your Heart Will Go Off

How do you talk about transgender people? What would a restaurant be like if it were in your ass? What does the opposite of My Heart Will Go On sound like? We’ve got the answers to these pressing questions (and more!) this week. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • We’re all black, gay, Jewish, and female.
  • Ass cooking at Chez Derriere.
  • Orthodox Jewish menstruation sex clubs.
  • How to identify as transgender.
  • Dickens: The Online Experience. Also, bark-mitzvahs.
  • You can’t un-myspace Tom.
  • Erica asks: what is a shopping mall?
  • We couldn’t afford the licensing fees to play “Your Heart Will Go On” during the podcast, so we created a knock-off version. (You can download an MP3 of the song here.)
  • Psychic vaginas.

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