Episode 12: There's Only One Way to Pound Town

This week Adam and Erica are joined by “Powerhouse” who is excited to make several trips to pound town, whether it’s with a tranny, a cougar, or even someone with HIV. We also have a few things to say…or rap…about a recent ant infestation.

Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Powerhouse (PH) breaks it off with a cougar.
  • Adam and Erica combat an ant infestation and wrap about it. (Download the MP3 or check out the lyrics below.)
  • Would you rather lose your arms or your legs? How would amputee sex work?
  • A scary HIV advertisement makes PH ask if we’d ever date someone with HIV. Adam starts sex educating again…
  • Would you date a transexual? Would it matter if they were pre- or post-op? It turns out we’re all into that.
  • Never buy a shirt from Urban Outfitters.
  • Facebook wants you to get a gay boyfriend or it’s gonna fuck you up.
  • And we’re taking the train to pound town again.

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Ant Rap Lyrics

Erica was gone and ants came up the drain.
I sprinkled on some cardamom to bring on the pain.
That only worked until the day Erica came back
and I put out the cupcakes that they thought was crack.

They swarmed on the sweets like Obama on Bin Laden
but the caramel apple cupcake, it wasn’t goin’ rotten
’cause she got there first and said no those dicks.
She threw them in the garbage so she could get her fix.

I was sad to say goodbye to the strawberry cupcake
but all of those ants woulda given me a tummy ache.
I like my baked goods without ’em sprinkled on top, so
I swallowed the other cupcake like a donut in a cop.

But when I got home I saw the swarm had expanded
they took over a bed and the garbage single-handed.
So Adam and I made a trip to the store
and bought ammunition ’cause this meant war.

I sprayed those motha fuckas with eco-friendly foam
’cause Erica and I live in an sustainable home.
I laid traps in the windows and the garbage can
but the ants came back like an erection on a man.

We were done with those fuckers, it was time to find their base
and empty them like trash when we’re low on disk space.
Adam went outside and said, “oh look this is it!”
I asked “what’s going on?” he said “a big pile o’ shit!”

The poop went bye and so the ants went, too.
We don’t know the shithead who’s been going poo.
But if he ever comes back and decides to take a crap,
we’ll make it our mission to turn his ass into an ant trap.