Episode 14: The Seven-Legged Hermaphrodite Lamb

Can animals be hermaphrodites and/or transexuals? Can two crazy people fine love in a psychiatric ward? Can a gay man get a strawberry-kiwi sucker even though his HIV test was negative? We’re about to find out. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Jessica’s still lubing up her moose pals.
  • Chunky dunking: it’s how fat people skinny dip.
  • Catholic priests aren’t molesting kids, they’re just filling holes.
  • Can dogs be transexual? Or hermaphrodites? Lambs sure can!
  • Where dolphin-shaped vibrators come from (hint: hot dogs and beer).
  • Don’t want to get drafted into the army? Get fat!
  • More casual encounters role play. This week we’re taking crazies to pound town, pumping gas, and falling in love over HIV test results.

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