Episode 16: A Blender Full of Pesto Penis

Whoretney drops by to rap about sluts. Erica dates a gay porn star and it ends with a disgusting protein shake–and not the kind you’re thinking of. Adam explains why cat sex is rape…again. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • It’s the slut episode. It’s all about sluts!
  • Guess what! You can help us make some money to keep making stuff–and you don’t have to give us anything!
  • Whoretney stops by to rap about how she likes to suck it.
  • Is it Slutsky or Slootsky?
  • Who are your picks for this year’s fantasy slut league?
  • A slut gets “dropped” on this week’s episode of Revenge. But actually, slut dropping is a real thing.
  • Penis size does matter. (But we don’t care.)
  • Everyone’s marrying gay porn stars. Erica dated one named Ryannn Gosling awhile back.
  • A beginner’s guide to nose penises.

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