Episode 17: Bad, Bad Advice

Erica gets a Facebook fan page for her fan. Adam relays several pressing questions from the Grandchildren. Actor Harry Sakata* drops by to help answer them and tap the microphone repeatedly. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Siri calls in to complain about foul language. Yes, that Siri.
  • Janet asks, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”
  • Louis asks, “I live in Iowa and I want to get into the male escort business. I do not want to have sex with men. How can I make a real money as a professional male escort without going gay?”
  • William “Flupsy” Davis asks a very long question about emergency contraception.
  • I Would Like to Remain Anonymous asks, “What should I do if my friend sends me pictures of his poop?”
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe asks, “What’s the best dishwasher?”
  • Dylan asks, “Every morning, I poop at around 10:30. It’s like clockwork. Unfortunately, that’s right in the middle of my most productive time at work. I try to poop around 8 am, but it just doesn’t happen. Then 2-3 hours later, I gotta go. I’d love to move my poop schedule up a few hours, so I can comfortably take my morning poo at home before going off to work. How can I do this?”
  • John asks, “How much is ‘a shitload,’ exactly?”
  • Erica answers three more important questions about conjoined twins.

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* Technically it’s Harry Sakata’s corpse that we revived for the podcast, but that’s just a minor detail.