Episode 20: I Washed My Penis With Summer's Eve

Adam, Erica, and Darren “Moves” Turtledove talk about fetishes, penis washing, and their dreams of becoming furniture. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Adam washed his penis with Summer’s Eve.
  • Why do men like to come on people’s faces?
  • In the future, when penis enlargements are safe and real, what will the largest penis be? Where will we draw the line for biggest penis size allowed?
  • My friend got a message that said “I really want to rape your ass.” You can’t say “I want to rape your vagina” to a woman, so what do you say?
  • What happens when you have a fetish that you can’t realize? Like unicorns or robots?
  • Would you rather get pooped on or suck the mucus out of someone’s nose?
  • Is Erica into vore?
  • What adds value to dirty panties or underwear? What aspects are worth what? If you accidentally piss a little on them, do you have to charge extra or is that free?
  • If you were a fornophile, what kind of furniture would you most like to be?

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