Help us make some money!

We do Grandma’s Email Address because it’s fun, and we’re putting together other projects for the same reason, but these things cost money! We don’t want to ask you to donate your hard-earned cash for our crazy shit. I mean, we’re not going to stop you but the point of this page is to provide a bunch of ways you can help us earn some money to make things without resorting to the goodness of your heart.

  • Buy something on using this link. We’ll get a small cut of anything you buy. If you already shop at Amazon, you won’t even notice you’re helping us!
  • Sign up for Dreamhost web hosting. We get a big referral fee when you do! (We use Dreamhost and like them a lot, but if you want an alternative you can try Bluehost, too.)

As we get more things up and running we’ll add to this page. Hopefully sometime this year we’ll start selling music from the podcast (and other weird songs), t-shirts, and poster prints. It’ll be fun stuff.