Episode 3: Ryan Gosling Tastes Like Mayonnaise

Adam, Erica, Johannah, and Steven Beven help name some poor, unfortunate children and discuss the importance of condiment flavors. Then we find out what Erica will tolerate for a lifetime with Ryan Gosling.

Episode 2: Love Begins at Conception

If NAMBLA is the place to go for men who love little boys, what about all the men who love little fetus’? Also, we think farts deserve compliments so we’re practicing a few. If that’s not enough, we’re inventing new butt smells, too.

Episode 1: The Virginity Wizards

In our first episode, we answer the most important of questions: if you could gain wizard powers by maintaining your virginity for 30 years, would you do it? Also, what cartoon character would make the best sex partner? And what does tiger genitalia really look like? (It looks gross.)